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India is land of spirituality. We have great history of spiritual people and knowledge of various unknown shastras. Jyotish Vidya is one of the greatest and oldest science which was used to interpret the future of persons. However, understanding it is very difficult and required great time to learn. Another important science which has recently emerged having mathematical base to predict human life is NUMEROLOGY.

Simple to understand definitive proven rules which help solve real life problem by transformation of positive energy in human life by using right blend of numbers at every stage of life.

At "Karma Numerrology" we train you this subject with simple language. We not only provide you training but also handhold you for your first few consultations by coming in person with you on your request. *

Our course material is very simple and to the point which lets you learn Numerology in very short duration of time. The basics of numerology course helps you gain basic numerology knowledge which you can use for your personal consultation. This gives you confidence. Then after you can opt for our advance numerology course and start your own consultation practice.



Mrs. Manasee Kaalay

Numerology Consultant, Ace Numerologist, International Award winner, Motivational Speaker, Coverage on TV, FM Radio, Sakaal Media.

Mrs. Manasee Kaalay, has chosen this field of Numerrology as her passion not as profession. She is charismatic personality, with sound knowledge of Numerology. Mrs. Manasee, has found with research in numerology about "Missing Number & Repeated Numbers" in birth date. Her research has found out how the missing numbers and Repeated numbers affect our life.

Mrs. Manasee is very soft-spoken, down to earth and helping personality. These qualities have taken her to great heights of professional success in her career in lesser span of time.. Mrs. Manasee, is being invited at various TV channels as Numerology and Vastu Consultant viz. Saam TV, IBN, TV, Zee 24 Taas, TV9 etc.

She is also motivational speaker at events held by Sakal Taneeshka Group. Apart from this she writes articles in popular newspapers and Marathi Magazines. Mrs. Manasee also appears at various FM Channels as guest viz Radio City, Radio Mirchi etc.

  Basics of Numerology

Course Contents

  • Numerology as Science
  • Basics on Numerology
  • Understand Numbers
  • Relation of Numbers and Planets
  • Case Study on all numbers
  • Remedies & Usages

Course Features

  • To provide insight into the future.
  • To decrease the sufferings of mankind.
  • To preach Astro-Vastu, Numerology. as a course
  • To prepare Consultants in the said fields.

Who should Attend

Housewife, Businessman, Retired persons and those who have interest in success in life should attend and take advantage of Ms. Manasee Kaalay.


An open and curious mind is all that is required. This course will not require you to have previous experience in any particular area, but you should have a high school reading level. No books will be required.

Investment Includes

Printed Course Material
Breakfast, Tea, Lunch and High Tea for 2 days.


24 Seats Available. First Come First Serve Basic.

For Enquiry & Appointment